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Welcome! If you are looking for travel advice, you have come to the right place. I'm Troy and I have recently returned from a wonderful around the world trip. I had been saving up money for this trip for many years. When the time came, I visited my local travel agency and asked them for help. They were really good. The agent sat with me and helped me to identify the different countries I wished to visit. She then helped me to organise transportation. I hope that the articles I have published here help you to organise your next trip.


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3 Ideal Circumstances to Hire a Wedding Bus

Although some people prefer private weddings where a handful of guests are invited, most don't mind a fully packed wedding venue. If you fall in the latter bracket, then you have to provide transport, and this is where a wedding bus comes in handy. Rather than ask your guests to find their means, a wedding bus can easily and quickly get your guests to the wedding venue in one or two trips. However, having many people attending your wedding is not the only situation where you need a wedding bus hire. This article highlights other ideal circumstances when it is appropriate to rent a wedding bus. 

Venue Far from Main Road -- If you are expecting 200 guests at your wedding and the venue is close to the main road, then access will not be a problem to most if not all attendees. However, if you secure a venue that is far from the main road, then guests that use public transport will have a problem getting to the site. In such a case, a wedding bus rental makes much more sense since your guests don't have to struggle searching for a second means of transport to get them to the venue. All your guests have to do is gather at a designated area where they can be picked up and taken directly to the place.  

Timely Arrivals -- Everyone wants to look their absolute best when attending a wedding. Therefore, most guests will spend lots of time making sure that their attire and makeup are in order. Such preparation takes time, and it is no wonder some guests arrive at the wedding venue when the bride is walking down the aisle. It can quickly ruin a special day, especially if many guests are trickling in when the ceremony is underway. A wedding bus eliminates the stress since it ensures that most guests arrive at the same time. By the time you will be walking down the aisle, all your guests will be seated, thus letting you be the star of the show. However, the strategy only works if guests arrive at the designated pick up points on time. 

Limited Parking Space -- According to statistics, 90% of all couples hire a wedding venue. If you consider that the average wedding venue costs $15,000, you begin to understand why most couples are looking for smaller venues. However, small sites lack adequate parking space, and this can be discouraging to guests that want to use personal cars. That said, a wedding bus is a godsend in such situations because it ensures that you receive the same number of guests without spending a fortune on a bigger venue. Furthermore, you eliminate the honking and disagreements associated with guests fighting for parking space. Ultimately, you will have a calm environment, which is what most couples look for in a wedding venue.