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Welcome! If you are looking for travel advice, you have come to the right place. I'm Troy and I have recently returned from a wonderful around the world trip. I had been saving up money for this trip for many years. When the time came, I visited my local travel agency and asked them for help. They were really good. The agent sat with me and helped me to identify the different countries I wished to visit. She then helped me to organise transportation. I hope that the articles I have published here help you to organise your next trip.


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Occasionally, it is great to let loose with friend

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Do You Have A Bar Crawl Lined Up? Be Sure To Hire A 20 Seater Party Bus!

Occasionally, it is great to let loose with friends and have an entire night of partying! However, choosing to drive yourselves to and from the different bars you visit is not an option. So you may be thinking of taking taxis to the different venues, but most people can agree that this will prove expensive. Not to mention that the money would be better spent on the night out! So what options do you have left? Have you ever considered a party bus? This rental can make your night out with friends so much more convenient and memorable with the host of benefits that it offers. If you have a bar crawl lined up soon, consider the following benefits of hiring a 20 seater party bus.

Guaranteed safety

One of the foremost reasons why you should hire a party bus for your shindig is to ensure that your entire group is safe during your night out. There is nothing worse than drunk driving and potentially getting charged with a DUI. A 20 seater party bus provides you with a sober and professionally trained designated driver that will transport your group to all the venues you want to visit. As a result, you can have as many lagers as you want without worrying about getting home safely.

Optional sightseeing

If you want to spend some time with your mates but do not want to start your bar crawl too early, you should consider going sightseeing with your party bus! While you will not go on an extensive drive, your professional chauffeur will know what places to go check out for an hour or so before you begin your night out! This detour is great for you and your friends to catch up on everything since it is unlikely that you will talk much once the night begins.

Great entertainment

Another of the major advantages of choosing to hire a 20 seater party bus is the array of entertainment that you will get to enjoy throughout the night. Modern buses come with different devices including LED televisions, a great sound system and even video games! All you need to do is curate the perfect playlist for the night and listen to it on the sound system. These amenities will prove essential each time you are in transit during your bar crawl. You should inquire if the bus company provides snacks and refreshments or if you should carry some along for the night out.